The Impact of Transformational Leadership on the Performance of Police the Mediation Role of Knowledge Management


  • Mohammed Ebrahim Alsuwaidi, Nusaibah Binti Mansor


The government of theUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) recognized the importance of policingin providing security for citizens. Several international reports reveal that attacks on local people and foreigners are more likely to happen without alert, while in most cases police officers fail to prevent offenses against them due to improper law enforcement methods. Accordingly, it is essential to assess the role of leadership in this scenario by developing a robust framework to understand how transformational leadership affects police outcomes of this study can bring to policymakers and leaders of police agencies in UAE to make decisions thatperformance with the aid of knowledge management. To achieve this aim, quantitative methods have been applied to measure the relationships between these variables. The respondents are police officers working in the territory of Dubai city. A simple random sampling technique was adopted to distribute the questionnaire during the survey phase. whereas 422 valid questionnaires have been considered for data analysis. The result reveals that knowledge management has a significant partial mediation role in the relationship between transformational leadership and police performance. A theoretical & practical contribution of this research project provides value-added knowledge to the literature on policing and law enforcement, as well as a totally new framework for Dubai police departments. Theoretical and practical implications show the impact that transformational leadersmay help police officers to serve the Emirati community in the best way they expect.




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