Numerical Simulation Design of Improved Meta Heuristic Charging Scheduling for Electrical Vehicle Applications


  • Bharat Bhushan Jain, Nandkishor Gupta, Virendra Swaroop Sangtani, Vikash Kajla



The driving range of an electric car is restricted. There aren't many charging stations in India, so those that exist must be efficient. This study's purpose is to develop a set of criteria for selecting successful algorithms for scheduling EV charging in photovoltaic micro grids Due to the similarities between EV charging scheduling and timetabling scheduling, research works on other fields' scheduling were thoroughly analyzed. This involves scheduling issues. The paper also reviews scheduling constraints, particularly for solar-powered electric vehicles. Charging electric vehicles on smart micro grids using PV is encouraged. Electric automobiles (EVs) are gaining worldwide favour over conventional cars. However, the higher purchase price of an EV may still be the main market obstacle. Customers choose EVs for various reasons, including lower carbon emissions and higher performance. Consumers with environmental awareness and a renewable energy perspective are needed. A recent study found that a 1% increase in renewable energy sources increases EV demand by 2-6%. It is acknowledged that EVs provide new potential for control and consumption flexibility by adjusting the charging power at a given moment. Particle swarm optimization for grid charging electric vehicles Electric vehicles must be recharged after a distance. Because electric vehicles are a viable alternative to internal combustion engines, the technology has grown rapidly. Electric vehicles have fewer emissions, better energy efficiency, less noise pollution, and cheaper operating and maintenance expenses. We plan to use this research to identify efficient algorithms for charging electric vehicles (EVs) in photovoltaic microgrids. The similarities between scheduling timetabling and EV charging prompted a review of literature on scheduling in many domains, particularly timetabling.




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Virendra Swaroop Sangtani, Vikash Kajla, B. B. J. N. G. (2022). Numerical Simulation Design of Improved Meta Heuristic Charging Scheduling for Electrical Vehicle Applications. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 71(2), 368–379.