Modeling of Communication Network with Queuing Theory under Fuzzy Environment


  • Himanshu Mittal, Naresh Sharma



In the present study, quantitative model and methods that analyze dynamic system of communication flow have been developed in the domain of queuing theory under uncertain environment. The study approach supports model-based queue design as opposed to creative engineering. Some critical aspects and results of queue model and fuzzy set theory has been reviewed in brief and the application of bulk queue model to communication network under imprecise data has been discussed. We have assumed that the arrival pattern, service pattern as well covariance between incoming and transmitted packets all are fuzzy in nature. The system characteristics with defuzzification process have been explored on the basis of lower and upper bound at possibility level alpha and signed distance method. The validity of the results has been analyzed through numerical illustration and graphical study.




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Naresh Sharma, H. M. . (2022). Modeling of Communication Network with Queuing Theory under Fuzzy Environment. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 71(2), 122 –.