Success of Digital Marketing Model: Analysis for Buying Behaviour Practices of Medical Professionals


  • Monika Pathak, Rahul Hakhu



Purpose – The purpose of this paper is twofold. First, is to evaluate the impact of digital marketing on the Buying behaviour Practices of medical professionals; and second, is to investigate the success factors of Digital Marketing model.

Methodology – The study employs a survey analysis for 547 Medical Professionals in Haryana, India, to determine the extent of their Purchasing Behaviour Practices via Digital Marketing through a standard structured questionnaire. The study employs the Step-wise Regression technique to identify the most relevant predictors of the Digital Marketing model.

Findings – The Predictors are Buying Behaviour practices, User friendly, Previous Buying Behaviour, Success Factors and Hindrance Factors of Digital Marketing model. Further, these predictors have been summarized each with the demographic forces as Dependent Variables i.e. Gender, Marital Status and Highest Qualifications respectively. The overall results depict that all the Models are having a significance impact on the Buying Behaviour Practices of Medical Professionals and contribute to the Success of Digital Marketing.

Originality – The success of digital marketing model for analyzing the buying behaviour practices of medical professionals with five predictors and there demographic factors as dependent variable has provided insights which add new knowledge to the extent of digital marketing techniques adopted  by medical professionals and buying behaviour literature.




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Rahul Hakhu, M. P. (2022). Success of Digital Marketing Model: Analysis for Buying Behaviour Practices of Medical Professionals. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 71(2), 92 –.